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CCnetwork berlin cooperates with Klanglandschaften (Soundscapes) Mühlenbeck/ Hobrechtsfelde ↗

On Saturday, June 25, we were at the 3rd Klanglandschaften Mühlenbeck/Hobrechtsfelde. Sound art and new music in the dramatic summer landscape of the Barnim, something we can reproduce without comment. Here our soundscape in 3 minutes from recordings and overlaps


Picture Gallery - CLIMATE CULTURES FESTIVAL 2021 ↗Planet Writes Back!

LOOKING OUT - June 2022

CCnetwork berlin cooperates with Klanglandschaften (Soundscapes) Mühlenbeck/ Hobrechtsfelde ↗

From June 4 to 26 (Sat/Sun only), sound artist Erwin Stache and Klanglandschaften present the sound installation “TUBE FIELD - SPECIES EXTINCTION” at the Historic Granary in Hobrechtsfelde by Berlin ↗

We were a the opening in Hobrechtsfelde on June 4 and with permission of the artist we are allowed to show a few samples. Our video clip is called: Species Extinction - Ten Tubes Still Alive.

Erwin Stache's installation is made of thousands of radio and television tubes. Most of them are defective, but some of them - “the last survivors” - are still working and exchange acoustic signals. The composition is based on alleatory time intervals ranging from a minimum of 7 seconds to a maximum of 30 seconds at 250 volts. The tubes from Russia, England, FRG and GDR glow in different depths and each tube produces 5 to 10 sounds. Please turn up the volume!


Scenes from the Red Salon and Babylon at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin
10-minute video: highlights from the festival ↗Planet Writes Back! from November 27-29, 2021