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LOOK FORWARD: what are we planing for the future?
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PRESS 2022

30.08 taz ↗Wenn Müll die Identität bestimmt
30.08 Berliner Zeitung ↗Climate Cultures Festival: Gebt das Mikro ab!
27.08 Deutschlandfunk Kultur Fazit ↗Wenn die Politik versagt, muss die Kunst ran
26.08 rbb Abendschau ↗Festival Ankündigung
26.08 radioeins ↗gegen!blicke/ counter!views
22.08 radioeins - studioeins live ↗Live Interview mit Martin Zähringer
22.08 Salzburger Nachrichten ↗Climate Cultures Festival verbindet Kunst mit Aktivismus
22.08 Tiroler Tageszeitung ↗Climate Cultures Festival verbindet Kunst mit Aktivismus
21.08 Bayrischer Rundfunk Interkulturelles Magazin ↗gegen!blicke/ counter!views
18.08 boersenblatt ↗Auswirkungen der Klimakrise im Globalen Süden
15.08 Berliner Woche ↗Ein Festival des Klimas
12.08 mdr ↗Klimatermine
28.05 Weddingweiser ↗Utopie eines perfekten Kapitalismus


Collage with impressions of the Climate Cultures Festival counter!views2022
Picture Gallery - CLIMATE CULTURES FESTIVAL counter!views2022 →


Rafid Kabir, Germany. Climate and media activist, on reaching the younger generations via video, film and the Internet

Rafid Kabir

Florian Schlederer, Austria. Climate activist and founder of Museums4Future, talks about the climate movement in Austria and the feedback from Germany.

Florian Schlederer

Awande Buthelezi, South Africa. Climate activist and researcher, discusses on panel 1 about Green New Deal and on panel 10 about Deep Just Transition

Awande Buthelezi

PANEL 7: Prof. Kirsten Reese, composer and sound artist on insects, acoustic awareness and transparency of soundscapes.

Kirsten Reese

PANEL 16: Niko Paech, Friederike Habermann and Florian Schlederer discuss about post-growth economics. Moderation Juliane Schumacher

Niko Paech, Friederike Habermann, Florian Schlederer and Juliane Schumacher

PANEL 3: Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama on Colonialism and Enslavement, Livity and Plastic in Jamaica

Imani Tafari-Ama also curated the major exhibition ↗"Rum, Sweat and Tears" about the colonial history of Flensburg.

PANEL 2: Dr. Esther Figueroa on plantationocene, radical refusal and resistance in the Caribbean

Esther Figueroa is also curating the free online film festival ↗ Global Extraction Film Festival (GEFF) 2022


CCnetwork berlin cooperates with Klanglandschaften (Soundscapes) Mühlenbeck/ Hobrechtsfelde ↗

On Saturday, June 25, we were at the 3rd Klanglandschaften Mühlenbeck/Hobrechtsfelde. Sound art and new music in the dramatic summer landscape of the Barnim, something we can reproduce without comment. Here our soundscape in 3 minutes from recordings and overlaps


Picture Gallery - CLIMATE CULTURES FESTIVAL 2021 ↗Planet Writes Back!

LOOKING OUT - June 2022

CCnetwork berlin cooperates with Klanglandschaften (Soundscapes) Mühlenbeck/ Hobrechtsfelde ↗

From June 4 to 26 (Sat/Sun only), sound artist Erwin Stache and Klanglandschaften present the sound installation “TUBE FIELD - SPECIES EXTINCTION” at the Historic Granary in Hobrechtsfelde by Berlin ↗

We were a the opening in Hobrechtsfelde on June 4 and with permission of the artist we are allowed to show a few samples. Our video clip is called: Species Extinction - Ten Tubes Still Alive.

Erwin Stache's installation is made of thousands of radio and television tubes. Most of them are defective, but some of them - “the last survivors” - are still working and exchange acoustic signals. The composition is based on alleatory time intervals ranging from a minimum of 7 seconds to a maximum of 30 seconds at 250 volts. The tubes from Russia, England, FRG and GDR glow in different depths and each tube produces 5 to 10 sounds. Please turn up the volume!


Scenes from the Red Salon and Babylon at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin
10-minute video: highlights from the festival ↗Planet Writes Back! from November 27-29, 2021