- Climate Cultures Festival 2022 -


Three days in August, 17 panels with film and literature, debate and art, New Music and Climate Activism. The climate crisis from a cultural perspective.

Welcoming remarks from Vanessa Nakate from Uganda, thank you for this.

We met Vanessa in Berlin during an interview on her book “A Bigger Picture: My Fight to Bring a New African Voice to the Climate Crisis” Her motto “Pass the mic!” we hear more and more from rightly impatient young climate activists from the Global South. CLIMATE CULTURES FESTIVAL BERLIN takes this seriously, of course, as the climatic subject of Climate Cultures must have a voice in the conversation/ debate.

In this edition of the festival, we hand the mic over to the voices of the Global South. This includes contemporary climate fiction from Nigeria, critical eco-fiction and film from Jamaica, film and literature from Taiwan. Artists from Morocco and Tunisia will contribute visuals with an art exhibition. European experts on the Green New Deal from the UK and Austria will also join us. And, for some local flair: new music on climate change from Barnim.

Thus, in music and work, image and text, conversation and performance, we offer a new bottom-up climate cultures in August 2022 — the oppositional, the feministic perspective, the view of the Global South — in short: counter!views of Climate Cultures!

»And what does our society really need to do so that climate change can lead to cultural change?«

The other, prevailing view of our time is that of petroculture, to which we already devoted ourselves at length during the 2021 "Planet writes back!" festival. In Germany, the ubiquitous symbol of this phenomenon is the automobile. Sunday's festival day will take a critical look at our automotive country with the question: What is the mythos of the car? What is the mythos of the car-man? And what does our society really need to do so that climate change can lead to cultural change?

This year's CLIMATE CULTURES FESTIVAL will take place from August 26-28, 2022 at the ↗Alte Münze in Berlin Mitte. All panels are in German and English.

↗Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe
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