Team 2022

Imani Tafari-Ama Fernando Huerta Martin Zähringer Jane Tversted Tobias Gralke Esther Figuerao Alice Grünfelder Simon Probst Josephin Hanke

Martin Zähringer

Martin Zähringer is Artistic Director of “counter!views” and Founder of the CLIMATE CULTURES network berlin e.V. (↗CCnetwork), a network at the intersection of climate, crisis and culture.

He is a feature author and literary critic with a focus on translated literatures. He has been writing about Ecocriticism and Nature Writing for more than ten years, and his work has appeared in NZZ, ARD, Deutschlandfunk and elsewhere.

A list of his print articles can be found in the Austrian database ↗LAURIN. In 2020 he served as the Artistic Director of the ↗Climate Fiction Festival and in 2021 of ↗Planet Writes Back!.

Jane Tversted

Jane Tversted is Co-director of "counter!views" as well as "Planet Writes Back!" in 2021, Co-founder of the CLIMATE CULTURES network berlin e.V. (↗CCnetwork) and responsible for the entire web presence.

She is a feature author and translator and has been working in the field of climate fiction since 2016.

Together with Martin Zähringer, she has produced several radio broadcasts on climate in literature, for example, the three-hour program “The Planet Strikes Back” for “Lange Nacht” (The Long Night) at Deutschlandfunk.

Fernando Huerta

Fernando Huerta is a trained Engineer. He has been passionate about film for as long as he can remember, which made him jump into the cinema industry, not as a director or producer but as a cinema exhibitor and festival organizer. He has run big commercial cinemas, as well as set up small independent cinemas from scratch.

He studied an MA in Event Management in London, and funded ↗Mobile Kino in 2013, a company dedicated to setting up open air cinemas, organizing unconventional screenings and premieres, producing various film festivals and assisting many companies and institutions in their open air cinema needs, from the technical to the operational.

Josephin Hanke

Josephin Hanke is a visual artist, filmmaker and project assistant. She studied in Berlin, Reykjavik and Braunschweig. In her artistic work she examines the potentiality of the body.

She is Co-founder of ↗Periferi Magazin , a platform for utopian and speculative textual work. Currently she is working on a science fiction series called LEADERS*.

For CLIMATE CULTURES FESTIVAL gegen!blicke/ counter!views she will help as a program/ project assistant. More about Josephin Hanke ↗

Simon Probst

Simon Probst is a Berlin-based literary scholar and writer. He holds a master's degree in Philosophy and German Literature from the University of Heidelberg and a PhD from the University of Vechta, where he is working as a postdoc researcher in Environmental Humanities.

His project “Writing and Reading in the Anthropocene. On the way to a planetary theory of literature” is funded by the Fritz Thyssen foundation. Currently he is also finishing his first novel “Earthly Bodies”.

At the counter!views festival Simon will curate a panel on Afrofuturistic perspectives on the climate crisis.

Esther Figueroa

Esther Figueroa PhD, is a Jamaican independent filmmaker, writer, educator and linguist with over thirty-five years of experience in media production, including television programming, documentaries, educational videos, multimedia and feature film. Her activist filmmaking gives voice to those outside of mainstream media and focuses on the perpetuation of local and indigenous knowledge and cultures, the natural environment, social injustice and community empowerment.

They include “Jamaica for Sale”, the award-winning feature documentary about tourism and unsustainable development. Her most recent feature documentary “Fly Me To The Moon” (2019) is about modernity and the global aluminum industry.

In 2020, she founded ↗Global Extraction Film Festival , the first online film festival focused on global extraction. Her environmental novel “Limbo”, was a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards for Multi-cultural Fiction.

Tobias Gralke

Tobias Gralke is a research fellow at the Film University of Babelsberg where he pursuing a PhD project on political climate communication and urban futures.

Beyond that, he has been working for more than ten years in the cultural sector and political education – as a writer, performer, trainer, moderator, and project manager, with several groups and for numerous organizations. He is also active in the Berlin tenants' movement and in anti-racist initiatives.

Tobias works for the film section of the festival. More about Tobias Gralke: ↗

Imani Tafari-Ama

Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama, a Pan-Africanist and Womanist Scholar, is currently Research Fellow at the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies.

During 2016-17, she served as International Fellow and Curator at the Flensburg Maritime Museum, to participate in the year-long Fellow Me! Mobile Academy and curated the acclaimed ↗Rum, Sweat and Tears exhibition as a critical response to Danish colonialism in the Virgin Islands.

Tafari-Ama is also the author of “Lead in the Veins” (poetry) and “Up for Air: This Half has never been Told!”. She publishes a fortnightly column in The Gleaner, Jamaica’s leading newspaper, ↗Imani in The Gleaner.

For the CLIMATE CULTURES FESTIVAL Imani Tafari-Ama has produced a short film, “Plastic Pollution and Economic Possibilities”.

Alice Grünfelder

Alice Grünfelder is a writer and teaches young people in Zurich. As a sinologist, she has always been interested in the margins of Chinese culture and the corresponding uncomfortable counter-images.

She has published several books on this subject, e.g., on Tibet “Wingbeat of the Butterfly”, Xinjiang “The Desert Walker” and, most recently, on Taiwan “Clouds over Taiwan”. When she lived in Taipei for a sabbatical in 2020, she was surprised by how foreign and yet close this young island republic was to her.

For the festival, she is curating the Taiwan panel with Taiwanese-Canadian author Jessica Lee, best known for her book about swimming in Berlin's lakes, and renowned author and environmental activist Wu Ming-Yi. More about Alice Grünfelder ↗