Saturday Aug. 26, 2022
9:00pm - 11:00pm

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"Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above"
FILM with Introduction

TW 2013, D: Chi Po-lin, 93 Min, (Eng. subs)

Introduction: Tobias Gralke/ Berlin

Languages: Chinese, English

Filmposter Taiwan from Above

Taiwan is so beautiful from the air when we see the landscape of mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, forests, paddy fields, fish ponds, and urban area; but we will also see the inevitable environmental changes, damage, and wounds caused by people in various kinds of developments. Our land has strips of accumulated scars, with layers of contamination deposited in the ocean. Through the various themes and connected chapters, we transform into birds, soaring above Taiwan, to witness the island's beauty and sorrow together.

“Taiwan from Above” is a work by documentary filmmaker, environmental activist and aerial photographer Chi Po-lin, who was tragically killed in a helicopter accident in 2017 while attempting to film the sequel to “Taiwan from Above”. The film is very rarely screened in Europe.

Trailer “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above”