Sunday Aug. 28, 2022
6:00pm - 8:00pm

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CLIMATE CULTURES made in Germany I

Stage 3 Alert - The Nightmare Comes True
FILM with Debate

D 1973, Smog, TV-docudrama, D: Wolfgang Petersen, 86 min

Discussion: Kilian Jörg/ Austria/ Berlin, Katja Diehl/ Germany

Moderation: Tobias Gralke/ Berlin

Language: German

The highly acclaimed docudrama from the 1970s is a masterpiece of TV dramaturgy and, from today's perspective, a historical milestone of petro-criticism. It is the cinematic staging of radically enacted male power on the edge of the abyss. In it, the motif of hegemonic petro-masculinity appears unmasked, as it is explored from a feminist perspective. “Smog” is the primal, masculine setting for our festival discourse around “Cars in Film”.

Katja Diehl has made it on to the Spiegel bestseller list with her empirical study and plea for a “car correction”. Kilian Jörg, performance artist and philosopher, is currently working on a study about utopias of a car-free world. What has changed since “Smog”?

On the Podium

Kilian Jörg is an artist and philosopher. He is the founder of the performance philosophy collective “philosophy unbound” and a member of the performative research group “Stoffwechsel — Ecologies of Collaboration” and the artist initiative “im_flieger”. He is currently working with SFB Affective Societies on the research project “On the Utopia of the Car-Free World”. In May 2022 he organized the conference “exhaust(ed) entanglements — Overcoming the auto-self of the Anthropocene“.

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