Sunday Aug. 28, 2022
10:15pm - 11:00pm


With Rafid Kabir and All Present Participants

Moderation: Juliane Schumacher/ Berlin, Martin Zähringer/ CCnetwork berlin

Languages: German, English

The concluding discussion will take stock of the counterviews that become possible when one's own cultural "self-evident facts" move into the field of vision of other perspectives. How does a young climate activist from North Rhine-Westphalia experience the police assault on him in Berlin-Kreuzberg?

What does our self-critique of automobile culture mean to the South African climate activist?

What does the Taiwanese novel about the strange resurrection of civilization from the garbage vortex on the Atlantic Ocean say to the Jamaican filmmaker concerned with recycling plastic?

This open questioning for all visitors and participants of the festival focuses of a climate-cultural conceptual communication on the one hand, and on the other hand the political-ecological fundamental debate between global perspective and local action.

Rafid Kabir