Saturday Aug. 27, 2022
2:00pm - 3:00pm

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“Sound Atlas“

With Michaela Vieser/ Berlin, Isaac Yuen/ Canada/ Berlin

Moderation: Petra Ahne/ FAZ

Languages: English, German

“The Sound Atlas” is a work in progress and collaborative project by Michaela Vieser and Isaac Yuen. The presentation of this project is a continuation of the Climate Cultures Festival's focus on “music and climate change”. While Klanglandschaften M├╝hlenbeck (Soundscapes M├╝hlenbeck) explore a new connection between sound culture and sound nature, “the Sound Atlas” is a poetic written approach to the phenomena of sound.

The authors come from the context of nature writing and describe and present rare sounds. They advocate a new attention to the sound space of nature. In the face of species extinction and the threat of climate change, the world of what we hear is also changing.

This panel is about sensory potentials of writing toward an appreciation of sound and sounds in the context of the climate crisis.

Michaela Vieser writes books and produces documentary films and radio features. She received numerous awards, was Nature Writer at the “Jan-Michalski-Foundation” in 2019, received the scholarship “German Prize for Nature Writing” in 2021 and has been Wave Writer at the “Okeanos Foundation for the Sea“ since 2022. In her texts, she combines scientific facts with her own sensory perception, speaks Japanese, and enjoys paddling through the Oderschilf.


Isaac Yuen's short stories and essays appear in literary magazines in the US, Canada, and the UK, as well as on his blog “ekostories”, which is visited by over 600,000 readers. In 2019, he was the Writer-in-Residence by the “Jan Michalski Foundation” and was awarded the “Pushcart Prize” in 2022. His collection of essays “Utter, Earth” combines wordplay and worldplay and will be published by West Virginia University Press in 2023.