Saturday Aug. 27, 2022
7:00pm - 8:30pm

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Utopia and Repression in Times of War

With Angelina Davydova/ St. Petersburg/ Berlin, anonymous artists from Russia

Moderation: Barbara Anna Bernsmeier/ Berlin

Languages: English, German

In Cooperation with EU-Russia Civil Society Forum e.V.

This panel will present 10 short video works by young Russian artists and activists created in the summer of 2022, which reflect on the relationship between climate and war in the country and from the perspective of exile. Their works will be accompanied by a discussion on artistic anti-war positions and the role of climate activism in Russian regions.

The brutal Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, which has been ongoing since February, brings to light in different ways the interconnectedness of war with climate change — in particular our dependence on (and shift away from) fossil fuels.

However, looking at Russia itself, it is also clear that the work of climate activists and researchers has become invisible due to state repression. Some of this work is already taking place in European exile — Berlin also plays a major role as a haven for stranded Russian civil society.

On the Podium

Angelina Davydova, environmental and climate journalist. Fellow at Media in Cooperation and Transition (Berlin), Climate Projects Coordinator at n-Ost e.V., co-host of the podcast The Eurasian Climate Brief, observer at the UNFCCC since 2008. Member of the Ukraine War Environmental Consequences Work Group. Member of PEN Berlin.

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Barbara Anna Bernsmeier lives as a cultural manager in Berlin and has her regional focus on Russia, the Eastern Partnership countries and Poland. She studied Literature and Slavic Studies (MA). Professionally, she deals with intercultural and cross-border cooperation projects and has developed numerous initiatives at the interface of civil society and cultural practice. Currently, she works as a program manager for culture at the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and as a project manager at the Center for Art and Urban Studies (ZK/U) Berlin.