Saturday Aug. 27, 2022
12:30pm - 1:30pm

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Soundscapes, Climate Awareness, New Territories

With Gisela Nauck/ Berlin, Kirsten Reese/ Berlin

Moderation: Martin Zähringer/ Berlin

Languages: German, English

This music panel is a prelude to the festival's ongoing focus on climate-cultural interactions in New Music. This year, music journalist and curator Gisela Nauck will perform some examples from the 3rd Klanglandschaften Mühlenbeck 2022 (Soundscapes Mühlenbeck) on the Barnimer Heide and from Summter Lake within the industrial halls of the Alte Münze.

This will be accompanied by visual impressions of the site of the event and a conversation about climate and New Music. An example of eco-aesthetics is given with Kirsten Reese's sound installation featuring insects from the animal voice archive at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, some of which have been electronically transformed. In a meadow in Mühlenbeck, they were remixed with the real voices of their offspring. Provided these species still exist.

The essential question will be: How does New Music interpret the climate crisis and scandalous landscapes of the present and how can this art form be given new life in the context of climate cultures?

Kirsten Reese

Dr. Gisela Nauck studied music and cultural studies at Humboldt University Berlin, was an editor of East Berlin's “Musik und Gesellschaft” (Music and Society) magazine from 1976-1987 and has been a freelance music journalist, musicologist for print and audio media and publisher since 1988. One focus of her work is contemporary music and climate change, which includes numerous feature broadcasts for DLF Kultur and in 2019 the founding and organization of the festival “Mühlenbecker Klanglandschaften”.